New Jersey
 Classical Association 

Meritus/Merita Award

The New Jersey Classical Association's Meritus/Merita Award is for distinguished service in promotion of the Classics in the State of New Jersey.

In considering someone to nominate for this award, remember that they must have been a member of the New Jersey Classical Association for at least five years (and, unless retired, must be a current member), and a current or retired educator of Classical languages or Classical humanities, broadly defined, at any level from kindergarten through grade 12, or the college or university level.  However, current members of the NJCA Executive Committee are not eligible.

Up to two awardees will be recognized in a calendar year.  The selection committee will be comprised of members of the Executive Board of the New Jersey Classical Association.  The Vice President is to act as chair of the committee.

The award will be presented at the fall meeting of the NJCA. 

The nominator is required to provide contact information.  When considering a nominee for this award, please provide as much information about the person that pertains to service in the New Jersey Classical Association (including dates, where possible), the person's service to, and promotion of the Classics.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is July 15, 2018. 

Penny Cipolone, 2017 NJCA Merita Recipient
Previous Recipients
Marlene Weiner 2018
Penny Cipolone 2017
Dr. David Kelly, 2016
Dr. Dorothy Lange