New Jersey
 Classical Association 

American Classical League
 Summer Institute

June 26 -28, 2015
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Ct
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New Jersey represents at the American Classical League Meeting at William and Mary University

A letter from the President

Salvete, collegae praeclarī!

President’s Message                                                                                      June, 2015


As I sit in my classroom, waiting to be dismissed on this last day of school, I wanted to thank you all for the great job you do promoting Latin throughout our state.  

Although most of the world thinks that summer is just 10 weeks off for teachers, we in the profession know that summer is a time for thinking, planning and improving our practice.  I know I am looking forward to being energized by inspiring workshops at the ACL Institute next week, which is being held in nearby Connecticut.  I hope to see many NJCA-ers there.

A friend sent me a link from The Onion which is about the upcoming publication of the Latin version of "Diary of A Wimpy Kid".  I have already pre-ordered my copy. 


Ex Animo, 

John Rathgeb