New Jersey
 Classical Association 

American Classical League
 Summer Institute

June 26 -28, 2015
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Ct
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A letter from the President

Salvete, collegae praeclarī!

President’s Message                                                                                  August, 2015

As we enter into the last few days of summer,  I have been reflecting upon my experiences this summer and I wanted to share my observations with you.

Under the category of "You know you're a Classics nerd when..."

     While visiting Pisa this summer (along with several thousand other tourists),

     I was in the Campo Santo (the covered cemetery next to the duomo)  

     and was  I admiring the medieval funerary monuments or the Renaissance

     frescoes.  No!  I was all excited by the spoliated Roman sarcophagi and

     and tombstone inscriptions which the Pisans used to decorate the building.

Reminder:  (Look for info under the "Meeting Agenda" tab)

                  The Fall meeting of NJCA will be Oct 24 at the Pennsauken

                           Country Club, Pennsauken NJ    

Ex Animo, 

John Rathgeb