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August, 2018 Message from the President

Salvete Sodales!

Summer is creeping by.  Hopefully it has been one of rest, relaxation and renewal.  The New Jersey Classical Association has much going on,
so please keep in touch.

This summer, I found myself at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California.  It was built in the 1970’s as a replica of the Villa dei Papiri.
It is simply beautiful and houses quite a collection from the Ancient World.  
On your next trip out West, try to set aside time to visit this museum.  

In the meantime, however, Montclair State University, Department of the Classics, will have speakers presenting on September 26, 2018.  One of those speakers will be from the Getty Villa, making a presentation on Greek and
Roman Art.  
Also, Classics Day for your students at Montclair State will be held
on Friday, October 26, 2018. Don’t miss either of those events!  Mark your calendars.

There are many other upcoming events for Classicists, so check back to
our website for the pertinent information.

Vestis feminam et virum reddit.

Also, I happened to be in Grand Central Station, where there is a free  Brooks Brothers exhibit (until the end of August); they are celebrating 200
years of dressing men and women internationally.  What I did not know, that I discovered from looking at this exhibit, is that the Brooks Brothers’ logo is the golden fleece, alluding to Jason and the Argonauts and that which is coveted by all, their clothing.  Besides that allusion to mythology, a current J. Crew promotion is entitled “Carpe Denim!” J. Crew is advising their customers to
“Seize the jeans!”

We are always clothed in Classical allusions.

NJCA Fall Meeting

Our upcoming meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 19, 2018.
The day’s events will be at Princeton University (lunch at The Nassau Inn).  
This event will be a departure from our usual course of events for the day.
I know it will be enjoyable and informative for all.  Please see the posted agenda/schedule. The registration link is also included. Register, please,
as soon as you can, so that we may have an accurate count for the visits to the museum, the luncheon and the library.  In response to requests by many of you
for a meeting that was not held on a Saturday, we have answered that request;
this is our first meeting on a weekday. We hope it will be a success and that it
will satisfy that request that we try scheduling to accommodate those of you
who want to have your professional development time not spill over to your weekend time.

As always, we welcome any feedback that you have to offer on our gatherings.

Grants and Scholarships

We are always looking for ways to raise money to fund our scholarships.  
We usually sell books and miscellany at our meetings, but because of the set up
of our October 19, 2018, event, we will not be able to bring our goods for sale.  However, we will have a table at the CAAS event on Saturday, October 6. If you are there and you are looking for anything, visit the NJCA table at that event.

That being said, we are also going to search out and pursue ways to obtain grants to assist in the funding of our scholarships.  If you know of any grants,
or if you know of ways for us to search for such grants, please help us out
and send us any such information.

We will try to embark on a campaign to seek out ways to add to our funds and to collect donations from members to help contribute to those scholarship funds.  Think it over and share any ideas in this regard. All advice is needed and very welcome.


The presentation at the Princeton Art Museum will be one that will inform you of resources, programs and offerings for students and educators.  The event
at The Firestone Library at the University will be presented by Alan Stahl,
Curator of Numismatics.

Again, we ask that you let other teachers of the Classics know about our organization.  Send them a link to our website. Invite them to one of our gatherings.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.

                                                        Dorothy Maxwell

                                                        NJCA President

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Registration is now open!  
Head to NJCA Meeting Agenda to register.


New Jersey Classical Association


Latin Certification Options at MSU

Montclair State University is happy to announce the launch of two new graduate programs for individuals interested in obtaining state certification (P-12) in Latin 

1. MAT with certification in Latin (P-12)

We also have a Latin option in Montclair State's new Alternate Route Program. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mary English ( or Timothy Renner (

Early College / Dual Enrollment Latin Options at MSU

The office of early college programs at Montclair State is expanding opportunities for rising juniors and seniors in NJ and beyond ( The deadline for applications is August 1.

We have a number of Latin options (at all levels beginning to advanced) so that your students can earn college credit online. (Students can also take other courses in mythology, Roman civilization, Greek Civilization, and archaeology.)

For more information, please contact Mary English (

Maryann Steward Scholarship - Application Deadline

Tuesday, April 1

Awarded since 2009, the scholarship provides funds to a New Jersey Latin teacher to pursue a summer study program or some other form of professional development for study or travel within the US.

Amount of Award: $250

Scholarship grants are available to teachers for study programs in the US. Grants may be used for both online and in-person programs. Membership in NJCA for the current academic year is required.

Application is available on the Scholarships Page

Edna White Rome Scholarship - Application Deadline

Tuesday, November 1 ***Please note the earlier deadline***

This scholarship provides the opportunity for a New Jersey Classics teacher to attend  the six week Classical Summer School program at the American Academy in Rome.


Open to NJCA members who have been in good standing for at least two years prior to application.  Applicants must be current teachers of classics, Latin or Greek in New Jersey. 

It is expected that the recipient will continue teaching in New Jersey for at least two years after the award and is willing and able to fulfill the duties associated with being awarded this scholarship.

Nota Bene: This scholarship is available for the summer of 2023.

Application is available on the Scholarships Page.

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