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January, 2018 Message from the President

Salvete Sodales!

 Saturnalibus, optimo dierum!      Catullus, Carmen 14


It is difficult to believe that we are at the start of a New Year. Here we are in 2018. I hope that you are able to say that you have enjoyed best days with family and friends, whether you celebrated Saturnalia or another day. We should all just gather with our family and friends for no reason at all.

We have an upcoming meeting in March.  It will be held at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan, New Jersey, on Saturday, March 10.  Later in the year, we are also going to try something new and have our fall meeting on Friday, October 19, 2018.  This “trial Friday” will, hopefully, provide us with some insight about offering a weekday gathering.  So, any feedback that you have to offer is welcomed.

When we think about the focus and objective of the New Jersey Classical Association, we do try to be a resource for our members and provide them with varied events.  While we have a good number of members, we realize that all are not able to attend all functions, but we hope that you will continue to pay your membership dues. Those funds support the operational costs of staying in contact with the membership, maintaining our web site, as well as reserving and financing meeting locations that are affordable for all. We continue to try to think of new and appealing ideas for our gatherings, such as meeting at a museum. If you have any ideas or suggestions we'd love to hear them, especially if there are specific programs/offerings that would be helpful/interesting for you/your population of students.

NJCA would love to keep in touch with all NJ teachers as well as other teachers of the Classics. Please share with them the link to our website:

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you at one of our events.

                                                        Dorothy Maxwell

                                                        NJCA President

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