New Jersey
 Classical Association 

American Classical League
 Summer Institute

June 26 -28, 2015
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Ct
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A letter from the President

Salvete, collegae praeclarī!

President’s Message                                                                                      July, 2015

I returned a few weeks ago from the ACL Institute at UCONN, brimming with new ideas that I am eager to put into use come September.  As you all know, Latin teachers are doing amazing things in their classrooms and we are so lucky to have a forum in which to exchange ideas.

 NJ received special recognition at this year's Institute:

                Josh Gebhardt (Ridge High School) had 2 students who received

                         an National Latin Exam Scholarship.

                Ginny Blasi was honored with a Merita award for her on-

                          going  commitment to Classics

                  Gratulamur utrisque vobis!

Finally, I would like to give you all a "heads up".

                  The Fall meeting of NJCA will be Oct 24 at the Pennsauken

                           Country Club, Pennsauken NJ    

Ex Animo, 

John Rathgeb