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June 28–29

 June 29 – July 1

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Congratulations to Dr. David Kelly
NJCA Meritus Award Recipient

Dr. David Kelly along with former students, Liz Bache, Bobbie Thorpe-Nelson and John King along with colleagues, Tim Renner and Jean Alvarez

 Message from the President


Salvete Sodales!

                                                Citius, Altius, Fortius     


It is difficult to believe that this year's Olympic Games have wrapped up; we are nearing the end of our summer holidays; and with August coming to a close, preparations are already in the works for commencement of another school year.


Although for years, I lamented the need to clean out boxes and bins from the deep recesses of  my basement, I have actually made some progress this summer.  I hope to keep going until I lose the momentum, or until the procrastination piles (created from emptying those boxes) occupy so much of the space in my house, I'll be forced to stop!


In one of those boxes, I found a stack of old New Jersey Classical Association Bulletins.  The one from Spring 1995 was eleven pages.  It started with a letter from David Rhody, NJCA President.  Within those pages, it listed, among many other things, the names of the Executive Committee members, it had a call for submission of articles for the Bulletin, offered listings of upcoming Classical events, offered congratulations for accomplishments of members, and gave the Program for the Spring Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States' joint meeting with The New Jersey Classical Association, which was held at Rutgers University on April 28-29, 1995.


At our most recent Executive Board meeting, we discussed the need to make greater use of our web site.  It would be terrific if we could utilize it in a way that would make it more beneficial/more of a resource for our members--a place to which to go with more frequency.  So, if you have information that you believe should be included in our bulletin, please pass it along.  It will be an ongoing goal to make such improvements.


Another topic of discussion was our desire to have an Association historian.  The discussion about what that might encompass is in its early stages, but archiving old Bulletins found in the boxes in our basements might be of value!  Give it some consideration to see if you would have interest in that role, or offer ideas as to what you believe the mission of the historian should be.

For our Fall meeting at The Heldrich Conference Center in New Brunswick, that starts on Thursday, October 20, and runs through Saturday, October 22, we will continue the tradition of joining up with the Classical Association of the Atlantic States.  Please visit the CAAS web site to read the Program and the letter from Lee T. Pearcy, Interim President.  The NJCA business meeting will be held on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. (complimentary breakfast included).  We will also still be selling books and miscellany in the vendors' room at the conference center.  So plan on making purchases or donations--you know that money goes towards our scholarship funds.

It would be great if you are able to come all three days, if not, come for as much as you are able.  So, please follow the cumbersome guidelines for registering--we can't wait to see you there; it promises to be a great program! 

                                                                        Dorothy Maxwell                                                                        NJCA President

Heldrich Conference Center in New Brunswick
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