New Jersey Classical Association 

NJCA Scholarships

Edna White Rome Scholarship 

This scholarship provides the opportunity for a New Jersey Classics teacher to attend  the six week Classical Summer School program at the American Academy in Rome.


Open to NJCA members who have been in good standing  for at least two years prior to application.  Applicants must be current teachers of  classics, Latin or Greek in New Jersey. 

It is expected that the recipient will continue teaching in New Jersey for at least two years after the award and is willing and able to fulfill the duties associated with being awarded this scholarship.

Nota Bene:  The scholarship is awarded only in odd years; therefore it is next  available for the summer of 2025.

Amount of Award: $5,500 

Deadline for application: November 1, 2024

For more information, contact:

Ms. Barbara Thorpe-Nelson 


Edna White Book Sale
At NJCA Fall and Spring meetings, there is a book and realia sale to fund the scholarship. We are grateful for donations from your Latin & Greek books etc.

If you would like to pay for the books and treasures you've found using paypal or check, please click the button below.
Edna White Book Sales
The Maryann Steward Scholarship 

A memorial scholarship  given in honor of Maryann Steward, a past president of the NJCA who taught in the state for 34 years.  She was an outstanding educator and a driving force as NJCA president.

Awarded since 2009, the scholarship provides funds to a New Jersey Latin teacher to pursue a summer study program or some other form of professional development for study or travel within the US.
Amount of Award: $250

Steward Application: Deadline for application:  April 1 of current year.  
For more information, please contact: Marlene Weiner 

Past recipients:
2019 Greg Guderian & Bobbie Thorpe-Nelson
2018 Meghan Kiernan
2017 No Award
2016 Amanda Auerbach
2105 Jennifer Jones
2014  Greg Guderian and Jana Soska 
2013  Jennifer Jones
2012  No Award
2011  Jennifer Jones
2010  John Rathgeb
2009  Jennifer Jones
Maryann Steward Scholarship